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Bad, bad bathhouse

Persona 4 Awesomely Steamy and Kinkily Kinky Kink Meme, part 7

What? - This is the anonymous kink meme for Persona 4, formerly hosted at, by the FABULOUS Kanji. Anything goes here EXCEPT porn involving kids. Everything else, from the fluffiest of fluff to the dirtiest of depravity, is not only allowed but embraced...MWAH!

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Rules - Be nice to each other. White out spoilers. Don't post porn involving kids. Thanks!

Updated rule about Teddie - It has been brought to my attention that although Teddie does not have an official age, he comes across as a child. So the policy on porn involving teddie is as follows: you can post it ONLY if you age him up. You can't just say he's 18, then write him as he is in-game - he must have gained the maturity to act like a teenager, not like a child. Otherwise, stick to judy blume type stuff (he can have crushes, be romantic, have his first kiss, experiment non-explicitly with masturbation), but not blatantly get his dick out or get fucked.

***IMPORTANT!!!*** - It's no longer possible to post to parts 1-6 of the meme. But if you want to fill prompts from those parts, it's OK and encouraged! Just repost your chosen prompt here, and fill away.

It's All in the Details (1/??)


2011-11-14 09:47 pm (UTC)

Well, that happened fast. ^.^; I work better when procrastinating? (paper due tomorrow, what)

Please excuse any typos, as this was written quickly. Also, can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like that the beds in the Amagi Inn are western style? I kinda...forgot they had futons until I was done writing it. >.<

Also. I'm sorry about the one crack pairing I included. I just think it's adorable, and as the OP didn't mention any preferences...? k, shutting up now

“Rise, move! I can’t see where I’m—“ Yosuke sighed in frustration, unable to maneuver his controller enough to keep from dying with a lap full of Rise. Finding it hard to care about his video game woes, Rise only giggled and threw her arms around his neck.

“It’s okay, you can just…like, start over right?”

“Yeah, at the beginning of the level!”

Rise didn’t see what was so dire about that. The levels couldn’t be all that long, right? “Sorry, I guess? I don’t really get this stuff. That’s why you and Naoto-kun work so well, I think. Once I did this to her and she refused to talk to me for about ten minutes.”

Yosuke was now looking forlornly at the screen that proudly proclaimed “GAME OVER”. With a sigh, he put the controller down. “Where is Naoto anyway?”

“Right here,” Naoto’s voice came from the direction of the kitchen. She appeared in the doorway a few seconds later, a mug of coffee in her hand and looking like she hadn’t slept in a few days. Rise took in her messy hair and lack of work clothes and frowned.

“Are you sick, Naoto-kun?”

She shook her head and moved across the room to sit beside them. Yosuke immediately smiled fondly and placed a hand on her thigh, and Naoto smiled back at him the best she could. Rise cooed a bit at their display of affection. “No, just this…case. Since I have to commute twice a week it’s really…taking a toll on me, I think.” Now she gave Rise a stern glance. “And while we’re on the subject of my sanity, would you and Kanji-kun mind keeping it down in the middle of the night? While Yosuke could quite possibly sleep through an atomic bomb explosion, I’m quite the light sleeper, as you know.”

“Ooh, you’re one to talk!” Rise put her hands on her hips, accidentally elbowing Yosuke in the stomach. “You’re so freaking loud! I thought Yosuke-senpai was hurting you once.”

Naoto huffed indignantly and took a sip of her coffee. “At least it’s never in the middle of the night.”

“Chyeah, except when it is.” Rise scoffed and flopped backwards, her head coming to rest under Yosuke’s chin. His hand that wasn’t settled on Naoto’s thigh patted her side. “And Kanji won’t be back for a few days since he’s got that fashion thingy. I had to tell him a proper goodbye.”

“Is this why you’ve been on top of me all day?” Yosuke questioned. “I’m just a substitute. Here I thought you actually liked me.”

“Nah, you’re just better to sit on than a chair.”

Despite how tired she was, Naoto couldn’t help the laughter at the offended look on Yosuke’s face.


Re: It's All in the Details (2/??)


2011-11-14 09:49 pm (UTC)

Souji passed by the scene in the living room with an amused smile. Rise gave him a flirtatious wink, something she hadn’t given up after all these years, and he entertained her with a grin before heading into the kitchen to start on dinner.

All seven of them (plus Teddie’s TV, finally bought by them when Yosuke told them it was going to be permanently shelved) lived on the top floor of the Amagi Inn. It was an arrangement that came to be after not a lot of thought at all, just when they were all kinda drunk one night it seemed totally logical then to all make out with each other, then when Rise declared, “Let’s all live together!” it seemed just as logical. When they had sobered up, the making out seemed less logical, but the living together still made sense in their heads. After all, they had seen so much together and they all wanted to have a permanent residence in Inaba, so why not, really?

So Yukiko, who had taken over the Inn two years prior, came up with the idea of converting the top floor of the Inn to their house, and now here they were. The big suite at the end had turned into a kitchen/laundry room, which really just meant that it was a kitchen with a washer and a dryer shoved in the corner. The TV had been put in the middle of the lounge, which was called the living room when they had more furniture put in it. (And they had become quite used to Teddie randomly falling out of the TV at any given moment, but subsequently they had to keep any…activities confined to the rooms to avoid any more awkward situations.) They all traveled pretty frequently, but this was considered “home” no matter what.

Souji hummed as he cut the vegetables. Dinner almost always fell to him or Kanji, seeing as they were the only two that seemed to know what to do in the kitchen without setting it on fire. So engrossed he was in his cutting that he was startled when slim arms went around his waist.

“What are you cooking, Senpai?”

Souji craned his neck to get a look at Rise, but all he could see was the top of her head. She had long since stopped putting her hair in pigtails daily, leaving that only for when she had a performance as Risette. As the years went on, she moved from being so much a pop idol to more of an actress, and as a result she had become even more famous. She didn’t have much time to be here at their house in Inaba, so Souji appreciated her company when he could have it.

“I don’t really know yet,” he said. “Something with rice, I presume.”

“Need some help?”

He winced. “Uh, I think I’m okay. You can keep me company, though.”

Rise held onto him for a bit longer, then pulled back to lean against the counter. “Remember to cook for seven and not eight. I’d say six, but Teddie tends to conveniently fall out of the TV around dinner time.”

Souji caught the wistfulness in her tone. “Kanji’ll just be gone for a few days, yeah?”

“I know.” Rise huffed and blew her bangs out of her eyes. “We’re all just so busy, you know? I just got back a week ago and now Kanji’s gone and Naoto will probably be gone soon and well.” She sighed again. “I think I just miss being a teenager, ha.”

Souji knew the feeling. It was really a rare thing when all eight of them were in the house at the same time, what with Naoto’s caseload, Kanji’s expanded textile shop/clothing and accessory store, Rise’s demanding tour or filming schedule, which tied in with Yosuke who played guitar on tour with her when he wasn’t busy with his own band, Chie’s long hours at the police station, Yukiko running around for the inn, and Souji teaching over at Yasogami while he contemplated going back to school for his PhD. “But that’s why we all live here, right? Even if it’s rare, there are still times when we’re all here together. It’d be impossible otherwise.”

Re: It's All in the Details (3/??)


2011-11-14 09:52 pm (UTC)

She nodded. “Yeah. You’re right. I’m just freaking out because I miss him, and it’s barely been, like, ten hours.”

Trying to make her feel better, he leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead. “I’m sure he misses you just as much.”

Rise opened her mouth to reply, but a shout from the living room cut her off.

“God, Teddie! Why don’t you ever warn me before you do that! This is the third time I’ve had to start this level over!”

“It’s not my fault that Yosuke is clumsy and dies when he can’t see what he’s doing!”

“You stupid bear!”

“Ahhh~! I’m beary sorry, Yosuke, please don’t hurt meeeeee!”

Naoto’s laughter rang out just then, as well as a few more shouts and half-hearted apologies. Souji and Rise exchanged a look.

“See? Almost dinner time and Teddie shows up right on the dot.”

“At least that’ll never change,” Souji chuckled, going back to cutting the vegetables.


But there was another aspect to it.

Relationship wise, Souji was fine with the way things were. He was single and he cringed at the idea of Teddie being anything but single ever, considering his seemingly permanent state as a little boy trapped in a pubescent body, but everyone else was attached, and that was okay. Yosuke and Naoto had been together for ages (Somehow. Souji still remembered nearly falling down the stairs when Yosuke called him that day soon after he moved back to Tokyo with his parents and told him that he and Naoto were dating.), Rise and Kanji had gotten together upon realizing that they had already been dating for years without their knowledge, and Chie and Yukiko stopped living in denial about each other sometime during college. He didn’t really have any desire to be attached, seeing as he was pretty busy with his job and applying to grad schools in the city. It was almost impossible to feel lonely, anyway, not with them all so close like this. Besides, it would be strange to date someone outside of the group, since he had no desire to move away and probably never would.

Surprisingly, it had been Chie and Yukiko who brought the idea to him first.

“Well, it’s just that…” he remembered Chie shifting from foot to foot, something she had done from their time in the TV and never gotten over. “We don’t…um…”

“We don’t want you to feel lonely, Souji-kun,” Yukiko jumped in. She was still wearing her pink kimono from work, and Souji gave her a quick once over before settling his eyes on her face. She was smiling gently with a bit of a blush. “So…if you agree…we want to…do this.”

He looked at each of them in turn. Chie had changed out of her work clothes and was in her typical tiny shorts and a t-shirt. Her hair had gotten longer, almost to her shoulders now, and she was biting her lip with nervousness. Yukiko, on the other hand, still looked basically the same as she had back in high school, but she stood more confidently. The only thing betraying her nervousness was the blush that refused to go away. Finally, Souji smiled. “Okay. If you two really want this…then okay.”

They let out a simultaneous breath of relief, then Yukiko held her hand out to him. He took it, a bit nervously, then allowed himself to be led back to their room. All the rooms were roughly the same size, but Yukiko and Chie’s managed to seem bigger because of how it was arranged. On one half, Yukiko’s meticulously organized things were all in line, not a hairbrush out of place, while Chie’s side looked vaguely like a small hurricane had gone through. They kept everything of theirs separated, and the only indication that they were a couple was the bed in the middle of it all, tousled and with Chie’s clothes on one side and another of Yukiko’s kimonos hanging on the headboard on the other. It dawned on him that he had actually never seen this room before, even though they had all been living here for something like two years.

Re: It's All in the Details (4/??)


2011-11-14 09:54 pm (UTC)

Feeling very out of place, Souji stood with his eyes on the floor. He didn’t look up as Chie and Yukiko cleared the clothes off the bed and pulled the covers back. Finally, after exchanging a glance, Chie approached him.

“Hey, Souji-kun…” Her hand fell on his waist. It had been forever since he had been intimate with anyone, and here he was about to have sex with two of his best friends. At the same time. Perhaps this was a bad idea, despite how aroused the thought made him. “You don’t have to feel weird, okay? It’s just us.”

“I—“ he had to clear his throat. “I know. I’m…fine.”

Chie smiled at him and squeezed his waist a bit, before her hand slid down to his hip, nudging him forward. Her other hand found his face, then guided it down so their lips met.

He’d be lying if he said he’d never imagined what it’d be like to kiss Chie. It was…well, it was what he expected. Her lips were soft and her hair tickled him and her hand on his hip stroked his skin through his shirt. Soon he felt more hands on him, from behind. Yukiko was now running her hands along his back.

Had they done this before or something? They seemed pretty confident about randomly having a guy between them. Souji didn’t know what he was supposed to do. Kissing Chie was nice, but wasn’t it getting awkward for Yukiko back there, just watching him make out with her girlfriend? As if they heard his thoughts, Chie pulled away and Yukiko whirled him around to face her. Slowly, her hands worked at the buttons of his shirt.

“This is for you, Souji-kun,” she said softly, while Chie moved away to rummage in the drawer. “Please, don’t hold back.”

Yukiko’s kimono was magically looser now than it was earlier. Souji’s stomach was starting to churn, but from nervousness or something else he didn’t know. Chie spoke up again, so he didn’t have to remove the imaginary sawdust from his tongue just yet.

“Oh, sheesh. Souji-kun, do you have any…condoms?” she rubbed the back of her head sheepishly. “We don’t need any, of course, but I thought I had some old ones in here somewhere.”

“Yeah, I…I think I have a few in my wallet.” Which he hoped was still in his back pocket, because leaving the room to go get it would be awkward. Luckily when Chie reached into his pocket, his wallet was indeed sitting there.

“Okay, good to go! Uh, not that we think you…well, it’s just that we’re not on any…birth control,” Chie explained in a rush.

“I understand,” Souji assured. His shirt was on the floor. When had that happened? “That would be hard to explain.”

Chie didn’t reply, but instead began raining kisses on the back of his neck and shoulders, while Yukiko kissed his lips. They hadn’t been kidding when they told him that this was for him. They hardly paid any attention to each other at all, instead taking their time with making him feel good. Within fifteen minutes, Souji was fully undressed and laying on the bed, staring up at Chie and Yukiko who finally decided it would be beneficial to give him a bit of a show, kneeling on the bed and working at each other’s clothing with Souji between them. When they were all naked, Souji was too aroused to be embarrassed, but apparently not enough to not look as apprehensive as he felt. Chie ran a hand through his hair and smiled.

“Relax, okay?”

He swallowed and nodded.


By some miracle, things didn’t become awkward with Chie and Yukiko. Afterwards, they had let him stay with them in their bed for the rest of the night, keeping him between them. Souji was used to being a restless sleeper, but he slept quite soundly sandwiched between them like that. He had missed being close to someone like this. The last time Souji had dated anyone was in college, and sharing a bed with someone was a distant memory. It was different than the random hugs or snuggles that tended happened in the house (usually when Rise was around), more intimate than even sex in some ways. Sleeping by himself the next night was almost painful.

It took another two weeks for Chie and Yukiko to invite him in again. Souji was surprised, assuming that it would just be a onetime deal, but they told him in more words that if it was okay with him, then they didn’t mind if he joined them occasionally. He could definitely deal with that.

Re: It's All in the Details (5/??)


2011-11-14 09:57 pm (UTC)

What finally caused him to do a spit take was when Rise bounded into the kitchen one morning after one such tryst with Chie and Yukiko. Souji was at the table enjoying his Sunday off from work, drinking coffee and reading the paper. Kanji shuffled in a few minutes after her, grunting a good morning and immediately going for the coffee pot as well. There was a comfortable silence for a few minutes while Kanji got his coffee ready and Rise took a seat next to Souji at the table.

“Sooooo, how are you this morning, Senpai?”

“Pretty good,” he answered honestly. He was pretty well rested after all.

“I bet.” Rise rested her chin on her hands. “We could hear Yukiko-senpai giggling all the way in our room.”

At the counter, Kanji stiffened. That should have been the first hint. Souji put his mug down, his face red. “Well…”

“Oh, but we’re definitely not judging,” Rise went on, her grin widening. “In fact, we think it’s good. Kanji and I were just talking about how lonely you must get sometimes. Isn’t that right, Kanji?”

Kanji tried to pour coffee creamer into the mug and missed, somehow. “Uh. Yeah. Uh-huh.”

Souji lifted his mug to his lips again, his brain still not taking this conversation to its logical conclusion. Rise did it for him.

“We want you to join us too, Souji-senpai,” she said bluntly.

And that’s how his coffee ended up on the other side of the kitchen.


He had barely gotten a chance to finish the coffee that was still in his mug before he was being quite literally dragged down the hallway to the room Rise and Kanji shared, despite his questions and half-hearted protests. Kanji only shook his head and trailed behind them, seeming a strange mix between amused and terrified. Only when the door was shut behind them did Souji finally get a word in.

“Okay, wait. Are you both…sure? Like, really sure?” His eyes darted around the room before they rested on his feet. “I don’t want things to get weird between us, so we really don’t have to do this if it’s just a whim.”

“Thing is, Senpai…” Kanji finally spoke up, sitting on the bed. “We actually talked about this, a lot. Like, before Chie-senpai and Yukiko-senpai…y’know.”

“They just beat us to it,” Rise scoffed, hovering between Souji and Kanji.

“Yeah, so…” Now Kanji dropped his eyes. Of them all, Kanji was probably the one that had changed the most. His hair was back to its natural black and no longer slicked back, and he had given up most of the leather and chains. He still had all his piercings (including a tongue ring nowadays), but he looked and dressed more like he owned a textile and clothing shop these days. Souji thought it suited him. He looked comfortable. “Uh. If you want. We want you to.”

“Right now,” Rise added, not bothering to mask her eagerness.

“But you don’t have to, of course,” Kanji rushed on, his face so red it might burst. “Since you’re already…with Chie-senpai and Yukiko-senpai…don’t want it to seem like…dunno, like you’re being passed around or somethin’…”

Like he was being passed around. Kanji managed to nail his feelings exactly before he even knew that he felt them. “It depends…on why you’re doing this.” Souji looked around the room instead of at either of them. He hadn’t ever seen their room either. It wasn’t as split as Yukiko and Chie’s room, but he could definitely tell which side belonged to Rise and which belonged to Kanji. “Is this for…entertainment, or…”

“No!” they both protested in unison. They looked at each other, then Kanji nodded to Rise.

“It’s not that at all, Senpai,” she began, taking a step closer. “Well, maybe a bit. But mostly it’s because we want to do this for you. We care about you a lot, after all.” Rise smiled at him. “We just wanna show you how much.”

Souji glanced around the room once more before looking at them each in turn. Slowly, he nodded. “…okay. Alright. Let’s do it, then.”

Re: It's All in the Details (6/??)


2011-11-14 09:59 pm (UTC)

Rise squealed with delight, then grabbed him and yanked him towards the bed. Unlike Chie and Yukiko, they didn’t bother attempting to get the bed in order before flinging him onto it, and he was immediately engulfed by the scent of Rise’s expensive shampoo and Kanji’s just as expensive cologne. In fact, nothing of this was remotely similar to how it was with Chie and Yukiko, except for the fact that they went out of their way to make sure he was entertained. Even when they paid attention to each other, it seemed more for his benefit than their own. Then there was also the fact that it was now two guys/one girl instead of the two girls/one guy dynamic he had gotten used to.

It was easy to be at least somewhat dominant with Chie and Yukiko, since he was stronger than the both of them and, well, he was the guy. But now, he could easily be held down by Kanji while Rise…used other means to get him under control. Souji liked it, though.

“Don’t we need a—“ Souji was cut off by Rise eagerly catching his lips yet again. “—condom?”

“I’ve been on birth control for years, Senpai,” Rise told him, pushing herself up to look him in the eye. “Naoto-kun basically forced me to the doctor after a near catastrophic mishap.”

“And we know you’re clean, so no worries,” Kanji said from somewhere behind him.

The amount of trust his friends had in him was almost overwhelming. It was only fair that he trust them too, right? To this point, Souji had never been with a guy, at least not all the way. But when he felt Kanji press up behind him, he swallowed, turned his head to bury his face in Kanji’s neck, and reached for Rise’s hand. He’d be okay. They wouldn’t hurt him. They cared about him too much, right?


The arrangement became the norm, somehow. There was no set schedule, and it certainly wasn’t an everyday thing or even an every week thing, but Souji became used to spending some nights with either Chie and Yukiko or Rise and Kanji. Sometimes, he wasn’t always in the mood for sex, but to avoid spending the night alone he’d agree just to have someone next to him as he fell asleep. It wasn’t that he didn’t like the arrangement, though. It made him feel special, in a strange kind of way.

So, really, he should have seen it coming when Naoto and Yosuke approached him when he was watching TV in the living room one night. He turned the TV off and looked up at them, not bothering to delude himself that they were there because they wanted to discuss the weather.

“H-hey, Partner,” Yosuke greeted, taking a seat beside him. Naoto sat down on his other side, twiddling her thumbs.

“Good evening, Yosuke.”

An awkward silence followed. Souji felt a mix between amused and uncomfortable. Of everyone, Yosuke and Naoto were the two he had probably had the most interaction with, yet it was taking the longest for them to spit it out. Then again, perhaps that was why.

“At the risk of…making things far more awkward than what they already are,” Naoto finally began, “We couldn’t help but notice that there has been an…arrangement taking place between you and the other members of the household.”

“…yeah,” he said. For some reason, Souji felt slightly embarrassed at hearing it put like that. Made it sound like he was a prostitute or something.

“Does it—I mean,” Yosuke was looking everywhere in the room but at Souji. “Isn’t it…kinda weird?”

“Only if I think about it too hard.”

Naoto frowned. “What do you mean by that?”

Souji played with a loose string on the couch. “If you take it at face value, then yeah…it’s weird. But it’s not that bad. When you get into the logistics. I mean, we’re all consenting adults, right? And it’s not like it’s all the time, or anything.”

Re: It's All in the Details (7/??)


2011-11-14 10:02 pm (UTC)

“Don’t you feel…” Yosuke seemed to be searching desperately for the right word.

“…‘used’, is what Yosuke is looking for, I believe,” Naoto finished cautiously.

“Again…only if I think about it too hard,” Souji admitted. “But I know no one means it like that. They always…” He paused. “Well, I just know that’s not how it’s meant.”

“Do you…like…want it, though?” Yosuke tried.

Souji nodded. “Yeah. It beats sleeping alone, that’s for sure.” He saw the look that Yosuke and Naoto exchanged. Were they reconsidering now that he had said that? Quickly, he backtracked. “But really, it’s okay. I like it. So if you guys are here to offer your bed too, then…”

There was a pause before Naoto spoke again. “If you agree, there’s just one stipulation.”

“What’s that?” He was pretty sure it couldn’t be stranger than Rise’s last idea.

“We do what you want. Okay?” Yosuke gave him a nervous smile. “It’ll be all about making you comfortable.”

“…alright. How about we just sleep, then?” Souji smiled at their surprised looks. “I’m really tired tonight.”

Naoto chuckled and stood up. “I believe that can be arranged.”

Souji once again let himself be led back to a room that wasn’t his own. Unlike the other rooms, he had seen the inside of Yosuke and Naoto’s room plenty of times, like when he popped his head in to make sure Yosuke was awake or coming in to play MMORPGs with the both of them. They didn’t have clear sides like the others either; Yosuke’s clothes tended to take up the entire floor of the room and they shared a closet, the other used for their collective junk (like Yosuke’s three guitars, Naoto’s seemingly endless supply of model robots, etc.) Yosuke pulled off his glasses (his eyesight had been getting progressively more terrible the older he got, so he compensated by getting a pair of glasses that looked almost exactly like his old TV world pair) and pulled his hair from the ponytail he kept it in these days while Naoto disappeared into the bathroom.

“I know we don’t really have the time to hang out like we used to,” Yosuke said suddenly, “but I want you to know that you’re still really special to me, okay?”

Souji was transported back to the day on the hill as teenagers, when Yosuke had told him almost the exact same thing. He smiled fondly at the memory. “Yeah. I know.”

He motioned for Souji to stand up while he fixed the covers a bit. “So you can still tell me anything, alright?”

He was sure that Yosuke was getting at something, but Naoto emerged from the bathroom just then, dressed in one of Yosuke’s old t-shirts and a pair of loose pajama pants. She had grown approximately one inch since high school, her hair was mid-neck, and she carried herself with more confidence than she ever possessed even as the cold Detective Prince all those years ago. Even with her masculine mannerisms and way of dressing, Naoto still managed to be an incredibly attractive woman simply because of the air she exuded.

“In a way, I’m a bit relieved,” she admitted as she slid under the covers. Souji hopped in beside her and Yosuke followed after flipping the light switch.

“About what?” Souji asked.

“Sleeping with you,” Yosuke said bluntly. “We were both terrified it would make things awkward.”

They all pressed close together. Naoto’s head rested on Souji’s chest, and Yosuke’s face was buried in his neck. “There are other ways to be close to someone,” he said softly. “Like this.”

Neither of them replied, but he felt both their arms tighten around him. Souji was asleep within five minutes.


It was nice. Chie and Yukiko would always lavish him with attention, let him be in the lead, let him do what he wanted. Kanji and Rise would completely dominate him, and he relished being able to relinquish control of something for once. Naoto and Yosuke would simply let him in their bed to cuddle, with occasional kisses in the dark. Souji liked it.

It was a nice balance.

Re: It's All in the Details (8/??)


2011-11-14 10:04 pm (UTC)


It wasn’t so nice. Chie and Yukiko would always wait for the other before going to bed, and sometimes when Chie got in from the station late, Yukiko would be dozing on the couch in wait. When she came home, Chie would kiss her awake and lead a sleepy Yukiko back to their room to tangle up together. When Kanji would sew at his work table, Rise would drape herself over his shoulders and smile at him before asking what he was working on, and it was somehow different from the way she would hop on anyone else’s lap or the flirtatious smiles she always sent his way. Sometimes, Souji swore he would be able to hear Naoto’s blissful screams even if he was standing halfway down the street, and he wondered what the hell Yosuke was doing to get that reaction. But it was okay. He wasn’t involved in that part.

It was only fair they had time to themselves like that.


Sometimes, Souji would dwell on things.

Like the way Yukiko would organize the entire refrigerator sometimes when she was bored, with the excuse, “This is so you don’t grab anything that’s past the expiration date, Souji-kun.”

Or the way Chie would pull off her socks immediately upon reaching their house at the top of the stairs due to the fact that, “God, I hate socks. They always leave this…fuzz between your toes. Am I the only one who thinks it’s totally gross?”, and subsequently he always found himself picking them up from basically everywhere.

Or how Rise would always be the one to give him a tight hug when he came home and ask, “How was your day, Souji-senpai?”, and seem genuinely interested in the answer.

Or the way Kanji was constantly stealing his old blazer to stitch up tears or cut off loose strings or sew a button back on, and always with the offer, “I could just get you a new one, Senpai.”

Or how Naoto would dissolve into an angry mess of incoherency if they played video games together and he repeatedly won by random button mashing, and would always end with her beating him with a pillow while ranting, “Your cheating endeavors will get you absolutely nowhere in life!”

Or even the simple way Yosuke would wander into the kitchen sometimes while he was cooking and pull himself up on the counter and they would tease each other back and forth or Yosuke would ask him to tell about the teacher drama at Yasogami. “Dunno how you can work there, Partner,” he’d always say.

Sometimes, it hurt. To look at them. But just for a minute, then he moved on.


He never asked, either. He’d always wait for them to offer. If they wanted him there, they’d let him know. He rarely went more than two weeks without someone telling him to join them, anyway. He certainly wasn’t deprived.

Souji took to counting sheep when he lying in the dark in his own room. He was usually asleep before four hundred and twenty-three, except for the one time he made it to six hundred and seventy-two. But that was only because he went to bed a bit early that night, and nothing more.


When he allowed himself, he wondered what it would be like if he was with just one person at a time instead of two. Souji had pretty much forgotten what it felt like. How would it feel to have just Chie writhing underneath him, or just Yukiko’s hair tickling his chest, or just Rise giggling above him, or just Kanji’s strong arms holding him in place, or just Naoto’s breathing in his ear, or just Yosuke pressed against him from behind?


Would the rest of his life be like this? Would Souji be 80 years old and still be led into someone else’s room with the support of his cane and tell them “wait, don’t kiss me yet, my dentures are still in”? But what else would he do? He didn’t want to leave. He couldn’t leave. This was his home, and this was his family. He didn’t belong anywhere else.

But really, did he even truly belong here?


Re: It's All in the Details (9/9)


2011-11-14 10:07 pm (UTC)

Maybe this was just the way things were supposed to be. It wasn’t like he could bring someone else in. They wouldn’t understand. They’d upset the dynamic. And then he’d have to give up his arrangement. Souji liked it, really. He never felt lonely when he was with any of them, and he knew they all cared about him. That’s why they were doing it. To make him feel good.

So wouldn’t it just be selfish to leave or throw off the balance?

Yeah. It would.


Teddie would give him long looks sometimes. For all his immaturity, sometimes Teddie surprised him with his insight, and he most certainly did not like the way those huge eyes would train on him sometimes.

“Is something wrong?” he finally asked one day when Teddie was sitting at his feet watching TV while he read a book.

“No,” Teddie said thoughtfully. “I was just wondering.”

“About what?”

“Does…Sensei feel lonely sometimes?”

Souji frowned and looked back down at his book. “Why would I feel lonely? Everyone’s here with me.”

“Yes, but…” Teddie was frowning back. “Doesn’t it make you sad to sleep all by yourself?”


Teddie scratched his head and gave him a pained look. It hurt to look at Teddie sometimes, too, just because his emotions were always so plain on his innocent face. “Sometimes Teddie feels lonely too. Even with everyone around.”

“…you shouldn’t. You know we all care about you. There’s no need to feel like you’re alone, okay?”

That seemed to be enough for Teddie, who brightened and then turned back to the TV. Souji brought the book back up to his face, but couldn’t concentrate enough to actually read any of the words on it.


Chie made it home in time for dinner that night, so the only empty spot at the table was Kanji’s. Rise gave it a bit of a forlorn look, but Yukiko reached out to pat her shoulder and she brightened a bit. Chie and Yosuke decided to throw their chopsticks at one another instead of actually using them for eating, while Teddie pestered Naoto about showing him how to build a model robot like she promised. Minus Kanji’s vacant chair, it was almost like being at the Junes food court all those years ago, goofing around before they remembered that they had a case to solve.

Souji put down his own chopsticks and smiled. Yosuke caught his eye.

“What’s with the goofy smile?”

He cleared his throat and dropped his eyes. “Nothing. I just…really love you guys, is all.”

“Awww, how sweet!” Rise cooed.

“We love you too, Souji-kun!” Chie declared after gulping down a hunk of meat. “That’s why we’re all here, isn’t it?”

Everyone voiced their agreement before going back to chowing down or arguing or throwing things at each other or gossiping about what the inn staff was doing on their break. Everyone seemed happy, or at the very least, content.

And so was Souji. At least for now. This was where he was supposed to be, even if he didn’t quite fit in. It was how it had always been, and it was how it would always be.

That’s just the way things were.

And that's all she wrote. :) Uh...sorry about the lack of actual smut, if that's what you wanted...>.< But I made Naoto a screamer...?

Re: It's All in the Details (9/9)


2011-11-15 12:19 am (UTC)

OP is here. A very, very happy OP is here!!! Wow, I didn't even expect anyone to fill it so fast (if at all) and then it's so good too. Thank you very much for filling it.
I absolutely loved it. (And no, I don't mind the no explicit porn. It was enough to get my imagination going. ;D) As the title says, all the little details. I'm totally in love with it all. The dynamics of them living together, the way Souji is kinda like the constant third wheel, the way he doesn't quite fit in and then how they all try fulfilling his needs. And then somehow it got so sad. I didn't even expect that but it made so much sense.
Thank you again. It was just so wonderful in a really bittersweet way.

Oh, and no, I don't mind the crack pairing. ;D I didn't really care how you would split them up. I think you did a great job.

Re: writer!anon


2011-11-15 04:46 am (UTC)

Yay! I'm glad the OP is happy. I probably should have asked for preferences before I wrote this monster, but I'm really glad you liked it. :) Yosuke/Naoto is my OTP, somehow. Blame my girlfriend.

Re: It's All in the Details (9/9)


2011-11-15 03:22 am (UTC)

Oh wow, I loved this! It was hot and sweet and sort of touchingly sad at the same time. It made me think of Souji being human, which is not something I'm used to doing. I really like how you managed to keep this balance, where on the one hand we the readers get the sense that Souji is truly loved, but on the other we can understand how he might feel lonely and left-out, too (especially since the way you're writing him here, he seems to have some embarrassingly relatable self-esteem issues). I especially liked the emotionally ambiguous ending, where we're not sure whether things will get better for him or whether they'll just continue on as they have been. Thanks for making me think, anon, and for sharing this story with us. :)

Re: writer!anon


2011-11-15 04:49 am (UTC)

human!Souji is a new concept to me as well. Everything else I've written about him always turns him into a psycho and/or a manipulative bastard, so I'm glad I managed a sympathetic one this time around. ^.^

Oh, and I'm glad you liked the ending. I wasn't sure how the ambiguous ending would be received, but apparently I didn't miss the mark. Thank you so much for your feedback. ^_^

Re: It's All in the Details (9/9)


2011-11-15 08:48 am (UTC)

Yet another anon to lavish you in love and praise - this was PERFECT. <3 At first I was kind of, 'bwuhh?' over the crack pairing because I'd never seen it before, but really, their dynamic works surprisingly well. You did SUCH a lovely job on characterization and flow, and like the others human!Souji was really touching and sweet. ;A; I liked that you didn't just make him happy with everything, but gave the fic little bittersweet touches, too. Well done!

Re: writer!anon


2011-11-15 07:52 pm (UTC)

Lol sorry about the crack pairing, but it's pretty awesome when you think about it, y/y? ^.^; Thank you for the comment, and I'm very glad that you enjoyed it. :)

Re: It's All in the Details (9/9)


2011-11-16 12:36 am (UTC)

This is absolutely amazing, anon. I mean... wow. just WOW!

I think i'm gonna post this on the persona 4 fanfiction recommendation page on tv tropes. If that's ok with you? because seriously, this DESERVES to be read by more people.

Re: It's All in the Details (9/9)


2011-11-16 01:18 am (UTC)

HOLY SHIT. -blush-

Wow, if you think it's worthy, then by all means. Thank you!

Re: The above was writer!anon


2011-11-16 01:20 am (UTC)

Just sayin'. Lol fail.

Re: It's All in the Details (9/9)


2011-11-16 01:02 pm (UTC)

I've put the story up on the recs page on tv tropes. here's a link:

it's at the bottom. Apologies if i didn't do a good job describing it- it was actually my first time editing something on tv tropes. I just thought that this was so excellent, that it had to be shared with more people.

hope to read more stories from ya soon!

Re: writer!anon


2011-11-16 07:12 pm (UTC)

Thank you so much. Really, I'm flattered. -hugs-

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